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The Short Version of MorningStar’s Long History:

MorningStar Community Church had its beginnings on Claim Street in the northeast part of Aurora, Illinois. That work was established in 1890 by members of the Park Place Baptist Church who felt there was a need for a gospel witness in the neighborhood. During the first month five were baptized and the total membership increased the first year to 108, from the original 35.

Those were the days of horse and buggy, mud-rutted roads, coal stoves, kerosene lamps, no city water, no sewers, and no basements. Boats were used to cross the Fox River, for the few bridges that did exist were often washed out. Where there were sidewalks, they were made of wood.

Over the years, the landscape has changed but one thing has remained constant: a desire by our members to stand firmly on God’s word and trust him for the present and future. God has richly blessed us as we have made it a priority to share our faith with the community and help bring people to authentic faith in the Lord.

We moved to present location in southwest Aurora on November 22, 1998. Our modern facility on Barnes Road continues a long tradition of offering the kind of programs that connect individuals of all ages with each other and with Jesus Christ. Whether it’s on a Sunday morning or some time during the week, we provide a variety of ways for adults, youth, and children to get to know each other and their God.